This summer, we’re taking LMTI out of the woods

and bringing it into your home.

Please join us for our first ever Virtual Summer Leadership Conference, featuring all the things you love about LMTI- inspiring presenters, thought-provoking workshops, amazing friends, and tons of TI fun! We can’t be together, but we can still be connected. This multi-platform experience will take place over the course of 5 days, and all are welcome to participate! Please register and check back often for updates! If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to us so that we can help make sure that you get the most out of the week!

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Agenda & Session Links

Links to all sessions will be available here at the time of the conference. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).




Monday 8/24

2:00pm- General Session #1: Welcome & Kevin Wanzer

3:45pm- Youth Workshop: Developing Your No: Understanding Your Personal ATOD Philosophy w/ Pam Presinal

3:45pm- Adult Workshop: Let’s Talk About Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism: Guiding and Supporting Adolescents As They Navigate Today’s Social Climate w/ Dr. Tawanda Hubbard

7:00pm- General Session #2: M & P Presentations

Tuesday 8/25

8:00am- Morning Mindfulness

1:00pm- Adult Workshop: Youth Resiliency During COVID-19 w/ Matt Bellace

2:30pm- General Session #3: De’Marco Fomby

7:00pm- General Session #4: Real Talk About Racism: A Panel Discussion Facilitated by Marlon Smith*

Please be sure to view the Pre-Session Prep info before joining this session by clicking the button below. This will help to ensure a respectful, supportive, and productive session for panelists and attendees.

*If you are a panelist for this session, please use the link that was emailed to you!

Wednesday 8/26

8:00am- Morning Mindfulness

1:00pm- Youth & Adult Workshop: Leading With Laughter w/ Kevin Wanzer

2:30pm- General Session #5: IALAC w/ Sean O’Beirne

7:00pm- General Session #6: Alumni Connections w/ Matt Bellace*

*If you are a panelist for this session, please use the link that was emailed to you!

Thursday 8/27

8:00am- Morning Mindfulness

2:30pm- General Session #7: John Morello & Kira Beaudoin

3:45pm- Youth Workshop: Ready, Set, Routine: Setting Yourself Up for Success This School Year w/ Abby Keenan

3:45pm- Adult Workshop: Adding to Your Toolbox: Tools for Engaging With Youth Virtually & In-Person w/ Jessica Andrews-Wilson

7:00pm- Candlelight Ceremony

Friday 8/28

2:30pm- General Session #8: Closing & Awards

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