Action Group Webinars

Want to catch up on a webinar you missed? Well click the link below and you will be brought to a YouTube playlist of all our webinars!

Camp Photos

If you want to find some photos from the Summer Leadership 2020 Conferences just click the links below!

Action Group Points Manual

In this guide, you will find different activities, programs, or actions you and your Action Group can participate in to earn points. LMTI has awards that are given out to Action Groups based on their efforts throughout the year

Action Group Resources

Prevention Portal

The Prevention Portal is your one-stop-shop for all prevention activities, ideas, campaigns, and materials. Access to the Prevention Portal is granted to all Summer Leadership Conference attendees! If you do not have the password, just contact Ryan at or call (201) 552-2264.

Action Group Reporting Submissions

Keep us up to date on what your Action Group is doing!

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out! Your submissions help LMTI keep track of everything your Action Groups are doing and can assign points to win awards at the next Summer Leadership Conference!

Don’t know what to say? Use the prompts below.

  1. How many times has your Action Group met since you last submitted? What did you do at your meetings?
  2. Have you done any events or campaigns?
  3. What are you planning for the future of the school year?