Track Conference

Preparing Youth for Life After High School

LMTI’s Track program focuses on providing participants with the resources necessary to transition smoothly from high school to the next stage of their lives. The main objective is to help students gain insight into how to make healthy choices for themselves after high school.

Track is a three day conference held annually at Montclair State University. LMTI provides an opportunity for graduating high school seniors throughout New Jersey to come together and learn new concepts, develop confidence in both themselves and their abilities, and gain the tools and skills necessary to make healthy decisions for themselves as they transition into the next stage of their lives.

This conference is ideally suited for graduating seniors who are moving onto the next stages of their lives, whether that be attending college, entering the workforce,  enlisting in the military, or if they’re not quite sure what they’ll be doing next. Participants engage in activities that are designed to challenge each individual and to help them understand the importance of making positive personal decisions during their collegiate years.  Workshop topics include time management, debt management, goal-setting, prevention programs at the college level, sexual decisions, health & nutrition, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drug awareness.  Participants are also given the chance to interact with our College Age TI Staff (CATS), a group of individuals who currently volunteer for the program who have made the decision to remain alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-free.

What Does a Virtual Track Conference Look Like?

Although we can't meet in person this year, we are still here and dedicated to providing you with a totally unique LMTI Track experience. This conference is completely free and open to anyone (with the exception of the Process Groups which are just open to the class of 2020).

Our virtual conference will be a combination of Instagram Live sessions (you can find us on Instagram @NJLMTI) and more interactive sessions hosted via Zoom. In order to get the zoom links to attend those sessions, you will need to register by clicking the button below. Sessions will be led by our CATS, guest speakers, and the LMTI Staff on a variety of topics.

We know that the skills we learn during Track and the conversations that are had are especially important this year, so we hope you'll join us for one or multiple sessions.

If you have any questions about Track, you can contact Rachel Taylor at or DM us on our Instagram account (@NJLMTI).