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Welcome to the LMTI Prevention Portal! This is your one-stop shop for all prevention activities, ideas, campaigns, and materials. Is you Action Group looking for something to do on Take Down Tobacco Day? Are you looking for something to educate parents on the dangers of providing alcohol to minors? Just use the filters below and select whatever Focus Area, Prevention Strategy, or Target Audience and find the right activity for you!

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CADCA: Planning
CADCA: Environmental Strategies
The Trevor Project
Generation Rx
Mind Matters: Drugs and the Brain
Mind Matters: Opioids
Mind Matters: Nicotine
Mind Matters: Marijuana
Athlete Opioids Toolkit
Seize the Awkward
Environmental Scans
Dirty Laundry Activity
Please Don’t Risk It
Project Safe Rx
Please I.D. Me
Tobacco Park Clean-Up
Sticker Shock Campaign
Town Hall Meeting
Mission imPOSITIVE

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