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The Ultimate LMTI Experience

What To Expect

The cornerstone of the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute experience is a five-day Summer Leadership Conference, held annually at YMCA Camp Ralph Mason in beautiful Hardwick, NJ. The Summer Leadership Conference is an opportunity for high school students from throughout New Jersey to come together for a week to learn new concepts, develop confidence in themselves and their abilities, and gain the tools and skills necessary to create a positive impact in their schools and communities.

The Summer Leadership Conference is ideally suited for groups of students who plan to work together following the conclusion of the week. Students will be working together to develop custom Action Plans- strategies that positively address specific challenges in their schools and/or communities. Students can, however, attend the conference by themselves or with a friend or two. Our staff will be happy to help individuals establish programs in their school or community!

Keynote Presenters

LMTI keynote presenters have been carefully selected to insure the highest levels of quality, creativity, and effectiveness. Participants will have the opportunity to see and interact with national as well as local presenters who are known for their unconventional and nontraditional presentation styles. Don’t expect any lectures – get ready for dynamic and enthusiastic comedians, musicians, and actors who address topics such as leadership, diversity, self-esteem, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Small Group Discussions

All LMTI participants will be randomly placed into small group discussion groups called “Process Groups.” This enables student leaders to meet new people and to openly discuss topics that are presented during the course of the LMTI week. These discussions are facilitated by adult volunteers and/or trained college staff and are designed to build skills, friendships, and self-esteem while encouraging networking among youth from diverse backgrounds and other areas of the state.

Action Planning Discussions

At least once a day, participants will meet with the students from their own school/community to develop a prevention plan to implement back home. Students will have the chance to candidly identify risk and protective factors in their school/community.

Challenge Course

One of the teambuilding highlights of the Summer Leadership Conference is participation in an ASE (Action Socialization Experience) low ropes challenge course. This unique experience will help foster group cohesion and individual.


Workshop topics have been carefully developed to introduce advisors and participants to additional skills and resources to enhance their current prevention efforts. Participants and advisors gain access to all materials needed to utilize these programs in their schools and communities. Participants leave these experiential workshops with increased knowledge as well as tools to use in their Action Groups.

Free Time & Other Activities

Each day of the conference is packed with activities designed to facilitate personal growth and information gathering, but there is also time each day to relax, swim, play games, and participate in both structured and unstructured fun activities.

Peer-Driven Learning Experiences

Student leaders at Summer Leadership Conference are given the chance to meet with and learn from other prevention leaders throughout the state. Participants share ideas for prevention programming in an exciting and energized environment- and make a ton of long lasting friendships, all at the same time!


LMTI is dedicated to providing participants with an experience that reflects the diversity of New Jersey. Students will have the rare and unique chance to interact and network with students from communities other than their own, gaining insight to the similarities that exist and respect for the differences.


The Ultimate LMTI Experience

Who Should Attend

We strongly believe that ANYONE can benefit from participating in LMTI programs. However, we do have a few tips for selecting students and the adults who will be working with them:

High School Students Who...

  • have completed at least their Freshman year;
  • are proud to be or are willing to become alcohol, tobacco, and other drug free;
  • are motivated to give service to their community and/or school and to do the hard work necessary to make a difference in the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs;
  • have displayed or have the potential to develop leadership skills but may have been passed over for leadership roles in the past;
  • have good listening skills and will respect others and their opinions;
  • will reach out to people while still taking good care of themselves;
  • are likely to earn the trust of peers, parents, and administrators; and
  • represent the diversity (race, ethnicity, religion, gender, peer group, etc.) of their school or community.

Adults Who...

  • are able to stay for the duration of the conference and will work with students during the school year;
  • like and are willing to listen to and learn from teenagers;
  • are willing to enthusiastically join activities with high school students while setting appropriate limits with them;
  • are likely to earn the trust of students, parents, peers, and administrators;
  • are willing to offer the credit for accomplishments to high school students;
  • work easily and cooperatively with students and other adult volunteers;
  • will actively participate in any LMTI staff trainings, the entire conference, and supplemental activities;
  • look for the good in all high school students;
  • are healthy role models for high school students; and
  • are alcohol, tobacco, and other drug free while at LMTI events.


The Ultimate LMTI Experience

Arrival & Departure

Participant & Advisor Arrival

Registration takes place on Monday from 10:00am – 12:00pm.  Please do not arrive earlier than 10:00am as the entrance to camp will be closed so that we can prepare for your arrival! Once you arrive you’ll be greeted by our staff who will guide you through the registration process!

YAC & CATS Arrival

All CATS should arrive on Sunday at 1:00pm. All YACs should arrive on Sunday at 2:00pm. You will be greeted by your Coordinators, who will guide you through the registration process!

Volunteer Arrival

If you are a YAC or CATS Coordinator, please arrive by 11:00am on Sunday.  Other Volunteers may also choose to arrive on Sunday evening after dinner or no later than Monday during Registration.  Please just let us know when you expect to arrive!

Participant & Advisor Departure

Our Friends & Family Day Celebration begins at 2:00pm and we conclude the conference at 3:00pm!

YACs, CATS, and Volunteers Departure

We appreciate it if CATS, Volunteers, and any YACs who are able to stay until about 4:30pm to assist with clean up.  All help is welcome and appreciated!


The Ultimate LMTI Experience

What To Bring

You Should Bring...

  • Bedding & Towels: a sleeping bag and/or bed linens and a blanket; pillow; towels & washcloths
  • Clothes: shorts, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, light weight jacket, waterproof jacket or poncho, sturdy sneakers, pajamas (weather can vary- please be prepared for very hot, cold, and/or rainy weather)
  • Toiletries: toothbrush & toothpaste; shampoo, soap; personal items; tissues
  • Miscellaneous: flashlight; sunscreen
  • Optional: bathing suit; flip flops for the shower; backpack; bug spray; water bottle; camera; musical instrument

You Should NOT Bring...

  • Tablets, computers, or other electronic devices: We do not want you to lose these valuables during LMTI. In addition, due to an extremely full schedule, there will be no time to utilize these items.
  • Food/Snacks: All meals will be provided by LMTI. Bringing food and/or snacks can attract animals into cabins. If you have specific dietary needs, please contact us in advance!

A Note About Cell Phones

If you bring a cell phone, you will only be permitted to use it to take pictures or to provide music during Open Mic. Phone calls, texting, or general app use are not allowed.


The Ultimate LMTI Experience

Directions to Camp Mason

Camp Ralph S. Mason

23 Birch Ridge Road, Hardwick, NJ 07825

Camp Mason is located north of the Delaware Water Gap, in rural Warren County. It is about 1.2 hours from the George Washington Bridge, and 2 hours from North Philadelphia, traffic expected. To reach Camp Mason, take the most direct route to Interstate 80, near the New Jersey, Pennsylvania border. From the New York area, take I-280, I-287 or the GSP to I-80. From the shore, take the GSP to I-287 or I-280 to I-80.

From Trenton/east Philadelphia routes 31 or 206 North to I-80. From West Philadelphia, or Bucks County rt. 611 N or the N.E. extension to 78/22, East to rt. 33 then North to I-80 East.

From Interstate 80 West Bound (NYC & New Jersey)

  1. Take exit #12, Blairstown/Hope. Proceed North off the ramp on 521, towards Blairstown
  2. At the T-junction with Rte. 94, turn left (The Forge restaurant is on corner)
  3. Proceed 1⁄4 mile to Sunoco and Valero gas stations on left. Turn right, opposite gas stations, and then another quick right onto Main Street
  4. Follow “From Blairstown” directions below

From Interstate 80 East Bound (Pennsylvania and Del Water Gap)

  1. Take exit 4C (Blairstown, Rte 94 North)
  2. Follow Rte. 94 North to Blairstown (approx. 7 miles)
  3. You will pass A& P center and go through one traffic light. At Valero gas station (on right) turn left and then immediately right onto Main Street
  4. Follow “From Blairstown” directions below

From Blairstown

  1. At the old mill with stone arches (waterfalls and park behind) bear left and go up short, steep hill.
  2. At top of hill, bear left at split, and proceed towards Millbrook, on Millbrook Rd. (multi-camp signs on corner)
  3. Stay on Millbrook Rd. for about 3 miles. Just past Princeton Camp, watch for Birch Ridge Rd., and make a right turn. YMCA Camp Mason sign is on a tree on the corner. Pass one house. Camp Mason sign and driveway are on the left. Make a left into Camp Mason.

Registration: LMTI Staff will greet you at your car and guide you through the registration process.

Friends & Family Day: Park in designated areas and proceed to the pavilion.


The Ultimate LMTI Experience

Parent Info

Is your child attending the Summer Leadership Conference? We are so excited that they will be joining us for this incredible experience! We are sure you have many questions, so that’s why we are providing this page with some helpful guides, webinars, and other resources to help answer any questions you might have!

Contact Info at Camp Mason

Camp Mason Office Number (9:00am-5:00pm):

(908) 368-8217


(908) 362-8245

Camp Mason Address:

23 Birch Ridge RoadHardwick, NJ 07825

Camp Overview Session

Prior to the start of the conference, the LMTI Staff will be holding optional online orientations for parents/guardians and students on Monday, August 5 at 6:00PM AND Thursday, August 8 at 6:00PM via Zoom to review what to expect at LMTI, and answer any questions that you may have. We hope to see you there!


The Ultimate LMTI Experience

Advisor Information

Are you an Action Group Advisor? If so, first of all, we just want to say that you are AWESOME! Thank you for your commitment to working with youth and to LMTI- we are going to have a GREAT time!

Whether it’s your first time or your 20th time at camp, we want to make sure you are ready to go! Check back over the summer to find helpful items to help you prepare for the conference! If you have any questions at all, please contact us!

New Staff Orientation Webinar

This live webinar will be recorded for anyone who can’t make it! We’ll go over the basics of LMTI including what to expect, who will be there, your responsibilities during the week, and much, much more! This is a must watch for any Advisor who has not been to LMTI before!

Agenda Overview Webinar & Conference Agenda

We will go over each day of the Summer Leadership Conference so that you will know exactly what to expect Monday through Friday! 

(Coming Soon!)

Action Group Webinar

This live webinar will be recorded for anyone who can’t make it! We’ll go over the basics of LMTI including what to expect, who will be there, your responsibilities during the week, and much, much more! This is a must watch for any Advisor who has not been to LMTI before!

Process Group Webinar

Process Group Webinar- Check out this informative webinar below which will go over LMTI’s Process Group sessions. Process Groups are our small group discussion sessions, and as an Advisor, you may be asked to help co-facilitate one. This video will give you a good of what to expect!

Action Group Manual

You’ll receive a print copy of this manual when you arrive at the conference, however it’s a good idea to take a look through this so you know what to expect.

Process Group Manual

You’ll receive a print copy of this manual when you arrive at the conference, however it’s a good idea to take a look through this so you know what to expect.