Spotlight On: Real Talk About Racism

At LMTI, we take our role in the lives of young people very seriously. We are proud of the fact that for so many youth, LMTI is a place where they feel a sense of connection, belonging, and authenticity. We love that the youth we work with feel ready to take on the world when they leave our programs. We firmly believe in the power of youth and all that they can do.

As as organization, we have always been committed to creating a forum for youth to grow and learn together. This is at the very core of everything LMTI stands for. As global conversation, protest, and outrage around racism have surged in recent months, our staff has been taking time to listen, learn, and educate ourselves. While we know our intent as an organization is to bring people together, we also recognize that we have a responsibility to be vocal about racism, to provide our youth with tools and resources to become actively anti-racist, and to help youth understand how to advocate for change in their schools and communities.

In this Spotlight, we are sharing some resources for you to explore on your own, and to also pass on to your youth. These videos, journal pages, and links are just starting points to spark thought and discussion. At LMTI, we are recommitting ourselves to doing all we can to support and amplify the voices of our BIPOC youth, to provide opportunities of learning and growth for our non-BIPOC youth, and to create a forum for all youth to come together to work towards change. We hope you will join us in this journey.

Journal Printouts

You can share LMTI's journal pages with the teenagers you work with. Each Spotlight features easy to do activities and worksheets. We'll be providing new pages during each Spotlight, so students can build a journal that will grow and grow! 


We have started a constantly growing online catalog of videos, articles, and books to help you and your students discuss and reflect upon issues of racism. Check back often for updates.

Real Talk About Racism:

A Panel Discussion Facilitated by Marlon Smith

At the end of August, LMTI hosted it's first ever Virtual Summer Leadership Conference. Part of this training was a panel discussion facilitated by Marlon Smith. Our panelists candidly shared their thoughts, experiences, and ideas with attendees. This discussion kicked off a continued series we are calling "Real Talk About Racism," where we will provide opportunities to listen, learn, grow, and take action. Please check out this thought-provoking discussion, share with the students you work with, and be on the lookout for the next installment.

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